Joel DeTeves

For years I was frustrated

…with how business was performed in the IT world. Too many poor practices. Too little focus on results. Too much attention to profits. Too many broken promises. I started Perfect Leap with the promise to say what we’ll do & do what we say. To solve complex problems with solutions that are easy to understand. That last over time. To explain everything simply. Including all support questions. For clients to know they can recover from any disaster faster than a speeding byte. And of course… to give leaders confidence their IT systems are safe & reliable. I built Perfect Leap Technology Inc. on referrals with companies like yours, leaders like you. Want the same for your business?

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– Microsoft Windows Server

– Office 365

– Cloud Solutions

– Linux Server

– IT Project Consulting

– HTML, CSS & WordPress

– Web Hosting

Most companies operate with computer systems that are vulnerable & unreliable. We partner with them to create their IT strategy & plan. Then keep their entire network safe & running. So leaders will always feel confident knowing their data is not at risk.